Weil Osteotomy for Claw Toe



This procedure relieves the symptoms of claw toe, persistent metatarsalgia, metatarsal phalangeal (MTP) joint synovitis or MTP subluxation by shortening the end of the metatarsal at the base of the affected toe. This provides room for the toe to relax and return to its normal position.


The patient is positioned so that the top of the foot is clearly visible to the surgeon. Anesthetic is administered, and the area is cleaned and sterilized.

Accessing The Joint

The surgeon creates an incision along the top of the toe at the base of the affected joint.

Shortening The Bone

The end of the metetarsal is cut at an angle, allowing the end of the bone to be slid back. The surgeon inserts a screw through the top of the joint to secure the end of the bone. Excess bone is then removed. This process shortens the metatarsal, and creates more room for the toe bones.

End Of Procedure

The incision is closed, and the foot is bandaged. Patients are placed in a postoperative shoe or boot.  Most patients will recover within 6-8 weeks.


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