Why Choose a Podiatrist with Athletic Experience?


Foot and ankle health is extremely important for athletes. Foot and ankle injuries can put you on the sidelines for weeks, if not months.

Dr. Beckman understands this all too well, because he has been there. Having completed Ironman events and marathons, he has experienced foot and ankle injuries himself. He knows what it takes to recover from foot and ankle injuries and get back to being active.

Dr. Beckman’s athletic experience gives him a unique perspective on treating foot and ankle injuries. He has been in your shoes, and is committed to helping you with a treatment plan that will help you recover from your injuries and get back to doing what you love quickly and safely.

Dr. Beckman employs the latest technology, along with his own experience, to create effective treatment plans for athletes. At Spring Branch Podiatry, you can expect highly-qualified care, advanced technology, and comprehensive treatment.

Highly-Qualified Care

Dr. Beckman has been in practice for over 16 years and is board certified in foot surgery and reconstructive rearfoot & ankle surgery. In addition to his medical qualifications, Dr. Beckman is an athlete himself. He has completed 9 Ironman events and dozens of marathons, including the Houston Marathon, the Galveston Marathon, the Philadelphia Marathon, and the Disney Florida Goofy Challenge.

As most athletes know, foot and ankle injuries can be an unfortunate part of participating in your sport. Dr. Beckman has sustained several injuries himself, including ruptured quadriceps tendons, hamstring injuries, IT band syndrome, ankle sprains, hallux limitus (limited range of motion in the big toe), and plantar fasciitis. He was also struck by a car while cycling, sustaining facial injuries that surgery with 2 plates and 11 screws. With his experience in recovering from his own injuries, Dr. Beckman understands what it takes to fully recover and become active again.

Dr. Beckman has helped many athletes recover from foot and ankle injuries, including athletes that play on a professional level. Some of Dr. Beckman’s patients have even gone on to participate in athletic events at the Olympic level. As an athlete, you can feel confident that Dr. Beckman has the experience to help you recover from your foot and ankle as quickly and safely as possible.

Advanced Technology

Dr. Beckman employs the latest technology to treat injuries and help athletes maintain foot and ankle health.

Stem cell therapy is one of the latest treatments being used at Spring Branch podiatry to treat injuries like tendonitis. Stem cell therapy involves injecting concentrated stem cells into the injured tissue. Stem cell therapy has shown promising results for promoting quicker healing of damaged tissues, helping athletes get back in the game more quickly.

Dr. Beckman also offers custom orthotics using a 3D laser scanner. Custom orthotics are tailor-made for patients that need them, and are more effective than over-the-counter alternatives because they can help to correct specific problems with alignment. This can help to correct chronic foot and ankle problems and also reduce the chance of foot and ankle injuries from sports.

Comprehensive Treatment

Sometimes, foot and ankle injuries originate from asymmetries in other parts of the body. In treating foot and ankle injuries, Dr. Beckman examines the entire kinetic chain, from the toes all the way up to the hips. This allows him to treat not only the injury itself, but also root cause of the problem. By identifying and treating the true source of the injury, Dr. Beckman helps his patients reduce the chance of further injury in the future.

Having experienced sports injuries himself, Dr. Beckman is also very knowledgeable about the rehabilitation process. He is able to demonstrate the necessary rehab exercises to patients, as he has done these exercises himself while recovering from his own foot and ankle injuries. Dr. Beckman is able to create comprehensive treatment and rehab plans for athletes because he understands what it takes to rehab foot and ankle injuries.

To get the most effective care for foot and ankle sports injuries, choose a podiatrist who truly understands your needs. Dr. Beckman, with his combined experience in podiatry and athletics, can help you recover from your foot and ankle injuries so that you can get back in the game as quickly and safely as possible.

If you’d like to learn more or make an appointment with Dr. Beckman, please call our office at (713) 461-1010. We look forward to helping you get back to your favorite activities!


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