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Hammertoe can be extremely painful, but many treatments are available. Board-certified podiatrist Randall L. Beckman, DPM, FACFAS, and the team at Spring Branch Podiatry, PLLC in Houston, Texas, offer a variety of surgical and nonsurgical hammertoe treatments. To find relief from a painful hammertoe, call the office to schedule an appointment today.

Hammertoe Treatment Q&A

What is hammertoe?

Hammertoe is an abnormal contracture (bend) in the middle joint of your toe. It’s the most common deformity to affect the second, third, and fourth toes. When the contracture affects the joint closest to your toenail, it’s called mallet toe. 

What are the symptoms of hammertoe?

The primary symptom of hammertoe is a noticeable bend in the toe. Other hammertoe symptoms include:

  • Pain in the toe, especially when wearing shoes
  • Redness and swelling
  • Corns and calluses from friction
  • Open sores in severe cases

In its early stages, the hammertoe may remain flexible. As the condition progresses, you may lose the ability to straighten the toe. A flexible hammertoe may resolve with nonsurgical treatment, but surgery is the only way to correct an inflexible hammertoe.

What causes hammertoe?

Hammertoe is the result of an imbalance in the muscles and tendons that normally keep your toe straight. Wearing shoes that are too tight in the toe box can aggravate this imbalance and cause symptoms to develop sooner. 

In some cases, hammertoe is due to previous trauma, such as a stubbed or broken toe, or from inherited differences in foot structure.

How is hammertoe diagnosed?

Although hammertoe is identifiable based on the readily apparent contracture, the team at Spring Branch Podiatry, PLLC carefully reviews your medical history and examines your foot. They also take X-rays to assess the degree of the deformity.

What are my options for hammertoe treatment?

After they diagnose your condition, the team at Spring Branch Podiatry, PLLC develops a personalized treatment plan. Depending on your specific needs, hammertoe treatment may include:

  • Padding corns and calluses
  • Changing to shoes with a roomier toe box
  • Custom orthotics
  • Splinting or strapping the toe
  • Medications to reduce pain and inflammation

If the hammertoe is rigid, painful, or has an open sore, you may need surgical treatment. The details of the procedure depend on the type and extent of the hammertoe deformity. The team at Spring Branch Podiatry, PLLC may correct other deformities, like bunions, in the same surgery.

For advanced expertise in hammertoe treatment, call Spring Branch Podiatry, PLLC today.