Medial Calcaneal Sliding Osteotomy



This surgical procedure is used to modify the shape of the foot, creating an arch to correct the condition of pes planus (commonly called flat foot or fallen arch).


In preparation for the procedure, the patient is positioned and anesthesia is administered. The surgeon creates an incision along the outer side of the foot to allow access to the calcaneus (commonly called the heel bone).

Creating The Arch

The surgeon uses a cutting instrument to carefully divide the calcaneus into two pieces. The freed portion of the bone is then shifted to modify the shape of the foot, creating an arch. Once the freed piece is aligned properly, the surgeon implants surgical screws through the heel to reunite the two pieces of the calcaneus.

End Of Procedure And Aftercare

When the procedure is complete, the incision is closed and the foot is bandaged. The foot is placed in a cast for six weeks. After that time, a walking boot will be needed for two to four weeks.


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