Radiofrequency Treatment for Achilles Tendinosis (TOPAZ® Coblation®)



During this procedure, the surgeon uses a specialized radiofrequency instrument to break up scar tissue in a painfully-inflamed Achilles tendon. The coblation procedure can be performed as a minimally-invasive procedure through the skin, or it can be performed as part of an open surgical procedure. This animation will show the minimally-invasive technique.


In preparation for the procedure, the patient is positioned and local anesthesia is administered. The surgeon draws a grid pattern on the back of the ankle, marking a series of spots that will be treated.


At each of these spots, the surgeon carefully inserts the TOPAZ device through the skin and guides it down to the Achilles tendon. When activated, the device emits radiofrequency waves that dissolve inflamed scar tissue within the tendon. By dissolving this thickened tissue, the surgeon creates a new injury on the tendon, but the new injury will be allowed to heal under controlled circumstances.

End Of Procedure

When the procedure is complete, the ankle is bandaged. Some patients may be allowed to bear weight on the foot immediately, others may be placed in a cast or splint for two to four weeks. Over time, new, healthy tissue will develop in the achilles tendon, improving mobility and reducing pain.


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