Mallet Toe Correction (DIP Joint Arthroplasty)



This surgery corrects a toe that has become permanently bent downward. This technique straightens your toe to allow your foot to function normally.


In preparation for the procedure, you are anesthetized. The surgeon makes a small incision in the skin of your affected toe. This exposes the joint where your toe has bent. This is the distal interphalangeal joint, commonly called the "DIP" joint.

Modifying The Toe

The surgeon removes the head of the middle phalanx (the bone in the middle of your toe) at this joint. Shortening this bone creates more space. It allows the toe to be straightened and aligned in a more relaxed and natural position. The surgeon stabilizes the bones with a pin, rod or other device.

End Of Procedure And Aftercare

When the procedure is complete, the incision is closed and your foot is bandaged. You may be placed in a special shoe or boot. Your healthcare provider will give you instructions to help your recovery.

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